Kristine Kasten-Bleicken - Owner, Cosma Kosmetik GmbHLong, beautiful, healthy hair that attracts admiring looks from men and women alike and is the classic attribute of female beauty is something many women only dream of. Long, beautiful, healthy hair requires proper care from the scalp to the ends as only strong, healthy hair is beautiful and can grow long.

The professional George Michael Hair Care System was developed by doctor and long-hair guru Dr George Michael in the United States. The cosmetics company Cosma GmbH and its owner, Kristine Bleicken, acquired the George Michael Hair Care System and, as of 1999, have been marketing and selling the product line in more than eight countries.

Exclusiveness is written with a capital "E" and is an important part of the George Michael philosophy. The professional hair-care products, available in salons only, are scientifically backed and are made with certified organic ingredients. Thus, Cosma Cosmetics is offering an unusual hair-care system which not only restores damaged hair, but also fights the causes which lead to damaged hair and hair loss. Take advantage of competent hair care specifically designed for long-hair lovers and based on 50 years of experience.

Best regards from Hamburg

Kristine Kasten-Bleicken
Owner, Cosma Kosmetik GmbH