Master School

The George Michael Master School is standardised, practical, hands-on training at regional level providing easily understandable training of the first steps in using the professional system. The Master School team is made up of three top masters and six masters, all of whom have years of experience using the George Michael professional hair-care system in their salons and who have all received special seminar training. The George Michael Master School is an idea based on a network of colleagues promoting quick adaptation of new knowledge in order to simplify salon work with a new range of products. The George Michael Basic and Practic Seminars are addressed to all George Michael hairdressers and salons and are ideal as refresher courses. All seminars take place in the top masters' or masters' salons in order to implement as much practical training as possible, and are limited to a maximum of 10 participants.

Kristine Kasten-Bleicken"The George Michael Master School training method focuses on the practice-related aspect of training so that newcomers learn the optimal use of George Michael products easily and quickly, and soon notice how this translates into success for their salons as well. The skilled experience of George Michael top masters and masters ensures that common user mistakes are avoided. During the training session participants also receive valuable practical tips for establishing themselves as George Michael specialists in long hair. The same is true of events targeted towards new clients and press and media relations as a means of boosting the popularity of your salon in your area”
Kristine Kasten-Bleicken