George Michael Master Seminars

In addition, the George Michael Master School offers special seminars for experienced George Michael hairdressers with renowned, professional trainers focusing on elaborate styles for putting hair up, sales promotion and much more. While our seminar programme is created with the idea of reinforcing hairdressers' skill, knowledge and competence, it is also meant to boost the hairdresser's self-confidence which is why we also offer motivation and power seminars. You will be informed as to our seminar schedule on a regular basis. The range of seminars offered is constantly being extended and diversified. The George Michael Master School is also in charge of organising and carrying out events such as George Michael's Long-Hair Parties, congresses and seminar trips.

The goals of the George Michael Master School are:

  • to provide hands-on, practical, standardised George Michael training
  • to offer tips and advice for day-to-day work in a George Michael salon
  • to offer inspiration based on successful salon concepts by George Michael hairdressers
  • to provide support for events focusing on new customers and public relations work
  • to present original George Michael long-hair methods
  • to present original George Michael methods for putting hair up in elaborate styles
  • to become a successful professional salon for the love of long hair.